Unconscious Cleaning for Those Who Hate to Clean

Have you heard of unconscious cleaning for those who hate to clean? Do you wish you knew how to make cleaning easy and effortless? In an attempt to help a woman with a block against household chores, we made her The New Tape: https://youtu.be/n13ZBvaCMjw

Her instructions were to listen to it as she fell asleep at night while the affirmations on the tape rephrased her attitudes towards cleaning.

Don’t have the energy to clean? The tape will empower you with unconscious cleaning techniques that make tidying up after yourself a natural move. Picking up after yourself and putting stuff away becomes second nature as you organize your home.

Unconscious Cleaning vs. Unconscious Eating

Unconscious eating is where you wander into your pantry or you run to the refrigerator. You are not particularly starving to death, in fact, you may not even be hungry when you open the door. Imagine looking inside to see something that catches your attention. You take it out and start eating it, and you don’t even know why, that’s unconscious eating.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had that same exact concept, but with cleaning? Imagine wandering through the house and tidying up or sweeping the floor without noticing. Guess what? It’s a real concept.

Unconscious Cleaning Angela Brown Cleaning

Do You Hate Cleaning?

Two months ago, a woman emailed our show sounding sad. “You are my last hope. This will be the biggest cleaning project of your life,” she wrote.

I realized she had created a wall against cleaning in her mind. Cleaning wasn’t a natural part of her life. She hates cleaning because it makes her depressed.

Unconscious Cleaning Angela Brown Cleaning

If you hate to clean that can be discouraging.

We have to first remove a mental wall that stops us from cleaning. But we can’t just bust through a big brick wall, we’ve got to remove the wall brick by brick. So, to help this lady, I dropped what I was doing, and I made Collette a tape.

A Cheap Solution to Decluttering

The tape is an affirmations tape you can listen to at any time to change your unconscious behaviors.

If you’re listening to it during the day while you’re moving about, you want to bump up the speed to 1.5. If you’re listening to it when you go to sleep at night, you listen to it at normal speed. That way, it’s not super-fast.

Unconscious Cleaning House Cleaner Listening While Cleaning

It’s eight hours long so you can listen for a full eight hours of sleep. If you only get five hours of sleep, you can listen to it for five hours.

Unconscious Cleaning Woman Sleeping Listening While Sleeping

But it doesn’t stop. Once you start, it plays through the whole night. While you’re sleeping, it will replace negative thoughts about cleaning.

You Can’t Clean if You Don’t Feel Good

The second thing about this mental wall is you can’t clean house when you’re depressed. So, when we made this tape for Collette, I threw in a couple of extras.

“When I wake up in the morning, I’m full of energy, and I feel fantastic. I can’t wait to get outside and go for a brisk walk”. Exercise and movement jump start the whole body and get oxygen and blood flowing. We need that energy to be able to clean.

Unconscious Cleaning Lethargic Man Im Soooo Tired

It’s hard to clean when you feel tired and lazy. When you overeat, you can feel tired and drained of energy. I want Collette to feel fantastic. I included in the tape. “When I eat, I eat only until I’m satisfied, and I always choose the healthiest of the choices available to me.”

When we finished the tape, we sent it off and posted it on YouTube. I said, “Collette, here’s your tape. Have fun.”

Affirmation Tapes Help Your Dreams Come True

I’ve been listening to tapes like this myself for the last 30 years. When I make my own tapes, I listen while sleeping at night, and all my tapes have come true. Check it out, I found the husband I wanted to find, and live in the home I want to live in. All because I made a bucket list of the places in the world I wanted to visit, and I’ve been to them all.

Unconscious Cleaning Pat and Angela

All my dreams come true, because at an unconscious level, I keep telling myself, “This is for me.” 

When each dream comes into my life, I recognize it and I say, “That’s for me. That’s what I’ve been looking for,” and I take it.

Attract The Life You Want

I try to create scenarios in my life where my dreams can happen, and they all do with ease. They kind of just fall into my lap.

So, is it luck? No, it’s not luck. But every night when I go to sleep at night, I hit the play button on the tape and I let it keep playing over and over in my mind.

Unconscious Cleaning Woman Sleeping With Headphones

I Listen to Collette’s Unconscious Cleaning Tape

After making Collette’s tape I decided to listen to it myself.

Now, I’m not going through the same stuff as Collette, but there’s nothing on the tape that’s going to harm me. It can only help me and I’ve got nothing to lose by listening.

Unconscious Cleaning Happy Couple in Bed

I told my husband what I was doing because he shares the same bed as me, and he has to listen to if it’s playing aloud.

Then I hit the play button on the tape. We began listening to the tape together every night.

We Made Unconscious Lifestyle Upgrades

After two months, something fun happened. We noticed in the last two months, there’s been no sugar in my house at all. Fun right?

My husband said, “So I guess we’re not doing sugar now?” I said, “Well, I don’t know.”

Turns out, when you make the healthiest eating choices, it includes the grocery store. We weren’t buying any snacks or any sugary sweets, and we hadn’t brought them home or served them.

Unconscious Cleaning Happy Woman on Scale Incredible

There’s been no sugar in my house for two months.

When my husband and I discussed it we realized he’d lost ten pounds and I’d lost eleven.

And what’s cool is we weren’t even on a diet. So, what’s been happening? We’ve been listening to Collette’s tape. We’ve been making changes at an unconscious level.

Exercise Has Been Unconscious Too

Then I said, “Wait a second. I’ve been walking every morning.” Since listening to Collette’s tape, I haven’t missed a single morning of exercise. Not a single day.

Unconscious Cleaning Happy Woman Outdoors

We go to bed at night, the words on the daily affirmations tape just play as we fall asleep. While we are sleeping, the words keep going in the background of our mind. They have reset our entire life.

My Business Took a Turn as Well

What’s interesting is this: I’m in the cleaning business. I understand, love and appreciate cleaning. 

During the last two months my business took a positive turn. We opened a whole new leg of our business for Hoarding World. You don’t have to be a hoarder to join us.  In our group, every Saturday we donate stuff for fun. 

Unconscious Cleaning Donation Employee

Instead of “shop therapy” where have donate therapy. We are all getting rid of stuff we no longer want, use or need. It brings the same type of joy. In our group, donating is a game.

My Business Took a Turn as Well

I started looking around my house like, “What do I have to donate, what can I get rid of? I want to play this game.”

On Saturdays we donate things to the Goodwill or Salvation Army drop off centers. We take pictures of our donations to prove that we were there. Now the guys at the drop off centers are posing for pictures with our stuff. Everyone is having a great time.

Unconscious Cleaning 10 Boxes of Books

Just last week I donated ten boxes of books. And I love books, but I wasn’t reading them and can now get them on Kindle. 

Cleaning on Purpose

As a professional house cleaner, I do clean on purpose. But after listening to the tape for several nights I found myself cleaning. 

Unconscious Cleaning Trash

 I wasn’t even planning to clean, and there I was going through drawers, and cabinets and cupboards.

Before I knew it, I’d cleaned out the pantry and some shelves. Talk about streamlining the items in my home.

I forgot to take before pictures – I caught myself cleaning without even knowing it. Who does that?

The Affirmations Sparked Unconscious Cleaning

The tape is full of positive affirmations like:

  • I clean up after myself. 
  • I put my clothes away after wearing them.
  • I wipe down the vanity after brushing my teeth.
  • I love decluttering.
  • I donate items I no longer use or want.
Unconscious Cleaning Angela Brown Packing Books Go Angela

I made the tape for Collette, and I’ve never heard from Collette again. 

I don’t know what happened to Collette. But I do know what happened to me. I’ve been listening to Collette’s tape every single day for two months. I’m here to tell you a whole bunch of things have changed for the better in my life.

Wanna Hear the Tape I’m Talking About?

Here’s the link to The New Tape that’s caused all the fuss. I want you to listen to it for two months. Then I want you to come back and tell me what happened to you. It’s 100% free. It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s just a weird experiment.

But in two months’ time I’m willing to bet that you will start to do unconscious cleaning too.

Unconscious Cleaning The New Tape

You’re going to wake up one day and go “Whoa, what am I doing? I’m in the middle of cleaning something.” 

Just like we opened the refrigerator door and we ate those snacks we weren’t paying attention to. You’re going to be cleaning without hating to clean.

And I’m going to be here clapping and cheering your name.



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