Saturday Donations

Saturday donations keep you accountable for the clutter in your life. Each Saturday in our FB group we celebrate your progress.

Saturday Donations

Come Join our FB Group and Post Your #SaturdayDonations


*It’s okay to post items you dropped off earlier in the week.The goal is to look for a drop-off truck or bin like the one in the picture that is nearby. If you can help it DO NOT go to a thrift store to drop off your goods. The temptation to go inside is too great for where we are in our journey. Our goal is to get rid of stuff, not replace the stuff we are donating.

Can’t Leave Your Home?

Companies that pick up donations from your home or storage unit
If you are unable to leave your home, the following services offer free pick up. You can call and set your items outside your door.

• Salvation Army
• Goodwill –
• AMVETS National Service Foundation –
• Habitat for Humanity –
• The Arc -
• Pickup Please –
• Furniture Bank Network –
• –

#SaturdayDonations happen each week.
To play:

  • Take pictures of your donated items AT THE DROP OFF LOCATION.
  • Post your photos here in Hoarding World
  • Tag us #IWasHere