Phyllis Leavitt

Phyllis Leavitt is addressing the issue of lack of belonging & the clutter connection in the hoarding world involves understanding the emotional attachment to possessions and providing support to individuals to help them overcome their hoarding behaviors.

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Phyllis Leavitt 

Phyllis Leavitt lives with her husband in Taos, NM. She has three amazing grown children and three beautiful grandchildren and is a lover of art, nature, and gardening.
She graduated from Antioch University with a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and Counseling in 1989. I initially co-directed a sexual abuse treatment program before going into private practice full-time, treating children, families, couples, and individual adults for over 30 years.
I have also published two books, A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire, and I am presently preparing “America in Therapy” for publication. I live in Taos, NM and I am mostly retired, focusing on writing.


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