These makeup resources give you links and tips for where to donate, sell, recycle, and toss your used or unopened makeup.

12 Why people dont ditch old makeup


Project Beauty Share

This organization collects unopened and lightly used makeup products to distribute to women and families overcoming abuse, poverty, homelessness, and addiction.

Project Beauty Share accepts lightly used powder eye shadows, powder blush, bronzers and highlighters, eye and lip liner pencils, liquid foundations in airless pump containers, and squeeze tube foundations. All other products must be new.

Buy Nothing Groups

You can also purge old makeup locally by posting in a Buy Nothing group on Facebook or Nextdoor – but make sure it’s unused.

Buy Nothing groups serve as a local donation system. Leave the makeup in your mailbox or at the end of your driveway, post it in the group, and someone in your community will have the chance to come and pick up the item at your location. No mailing or driving needed!


Your best bet for reselling old makeup – new or used – is to go through an online marketplace. However, the entire buying and selling process is up to your discretion, and you will need to package and deliver or mail the items yourself.

Unused and Unopened Makeup

Several sites allow sellers to list new or unopened products for resale. Some of the top resell marketplaces for makeup are:


Glambot is a marketplace designed just for makeup and skincare, and you can resell new or used products. Buyers will receive a lot of information, including how much of the product is left. For sellers, they have an estimated earnings calculator, and it’s free to ship your makeup products to them. However, GlamBot only accepts certain brands.

Used Makeup

Reddit, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace have little to no restrictions on selling used makeup products. You can disclose as much information as you’d like, and you choose how you want transactions to take place. Make sure to vet your buyers and never meet anyone alone in an isolated area for drop-offs.



TerraCycle takes and recycles various kinds of product packaging, and they’re partnered with L’Occitane to accept all brands of beauty and skincare products. You can either mail products in or leave them at a drop-off point.

Back to MAC

MAC Cosmetics has a take-back program that allows you to send old and used makeup back to the company for recycling.


If a makeup product is expired or all used up, you’ll just need to toss it. When disposing of makeup products, make sure not to dump anything down the drain. Due to the chemicals, it’s best to empty bottles onto a napkin and throw it in the trash. Local disposal centers also accept makeup products as hazardous waste.