These dishes resources give you links and tips for where to donate, sell, recycle, and toss your new or used products.

04 Why People Dont Sell Dishes They Never Use


Pickup Please

This organization will come right to your door to pick up your donation items. Set your date and gather your items – no fees or mailing necessary. Most donations can be picked up within 24 hours.


Goodwill accepts used and unused dishes for donation. These goods are often recycled in the local community. Find a center near you and drop off your items:

Buy Nothing Groups

You can also give away dishes locally by posting in a Buy Nothing group on Facebook or Nextdoor.

Leave the in a box outside your house, post it in the group, and someone in your community will have the chance to come and pick up the item at your location. No mailing or driving needed!


Online Marketplaces

You can list your dishes for sale on various sites, including Reddit, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. You can disclose as much information as you’d like, pick your prices, and choose how you want transactions to take place. Make sure to vet your buyers and never meet anyone alone in an isolated area for drop-offs.

Replacements, Ltd.

Vintage china, crystal, and silver can be sold to specialty retailers like Replacements, Ltd. You can either ship or drop off your items.



Dishes are an easy item to regift – whether it’s for a birthday or holiday season or just because. This works best if you have a set of dishes or matching dishware to gift. That way, you know the items will go to good use in another home.

It’s important to note that glassware, ceramics, and Pyrex are all nonrecyclable. They are different from recyclable glass and should just be donated or tossed.


When disposing of old dishware and ceramics, make sure to put them in the trash and not the recycling bin. If you are tossing broken glassware, wrap any sharp edges in newspaper or paper towels and then tie them up in a labeled plastic bag to protect anyone who may handle the bag after you.