Digital Cameras

These digital camera resources give you links and tips for where to donate, sell, recycle, and toss your old digital cameras.

13 Why people wont let go of old digital cameras


Youth in Focus

This organization helps teens interested in photography explore and grow their skills by providing them with the means to learn.

They “accept most digital cameras in good, working condition, made within the last 5-7 years” and almost all 35mm/120mm cameras are in working order. Any lenses and lighting are also welcome.

Buy Nothing Groups

You can also get rid of your cameras locally by posting in a Buy Nothing group on Facebook or Nextdoor. Buy Nothing groups are just for donating old items. You leave the item(s) in your mailbox or at the end of your driveway, post it in the group, and someone in your community will have the chance to come and pick up the item at your location. No mailing, shipping, or driving is needed!


Resell your old cameras that are still in working condition online. Here are a couple of online retailers you can use for reselling:

You can also post listings in local marketplaces, like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.


Recycling for Charities

Give your old digital camera to Recycling for Charities to reduce electronic waste. This foundation uses money from recycling to support various charities and causes.

Take Back Programs

Several digital camera companies have take-back programs where you can send old equipment back to them for recycling and repurposing.

Here are a few of the major ones:

Nikon even lets you trade your old camera for a newer one:


If your camera is broken or non-functional, you might just want to toss it. Make sure to dispose of your camera responsibly at a center that can process e-waste. Here a few that will take your digital camera and trash it for you:

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