Old Office Supplies

Old office supplies in a desk drawer may at one time have been useful – and may now be obsolete. Decluttering tips for that drawer.

Old Office Supplies

Old Office Supplies

Once upon a time, we sent paper invoices to our clients. And on them, we used a rubber stamp that said “Due” or “Past Due”. When the payments were made, we had these rubber stamps we would mark “Received” on the invoice along with the date and check number. But we still had to take the money down to the bank to deposit it.
When the checks cleared the bank a couple of days later, we had a different rubber stamp that said “Paid” and stamped that on the invoice before we filed the invoice and closed out the job.
It’s been about ten years since we mailed paper invoices – it’s all electronic now. And I realized today I no longer need the rubber stamps or the paper clips to connect the check to the invoices. I tossed them all today along with the ink and ink pads.
What is one thing you used to use all the time that has become obsolete that you will never miss if you send it on its way?


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