The I CAN Plan

The I CAN plan is all the things that I CAN do today to make my life better. Instead of saying I can’t, instead, say I can. Watch as your world starts to transform before you.

I Can Plan by Angela Brown Woman Running at Sunrise

Almost Bankrupt

I was in my mid-twenties flat on my butt broke. I had just witnessed the first HUGE business failure of my life and it involved me on the cusp of bankruptcy. Scrambling to get back on my feet and rebuild my life I attended a weekend marketing seminar.  It was there I met the late Jim Rohn who was the guest speaker.

I Can Change

If you don’t know, Jim went from being an Idaho Farmboy to a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur, prolific writer, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Jim was big before social media and before the internet was big and promoting oneself was easy. During his career, he spoke to more than 6,000 audiences and over 5 million people all over the world.

He changed my life that day with his nuggets of wisdom – one of them being:

If you want radically different results from life, you have to do radically different things.

 – Jim Rohn

Radically Different Changes

Applying the things, I learned that day I was able start over and run a successful multi-state cleaning company. And it was the systems we used that allowed me to train residential cleaning companies in 31 countries. During the radical changes, I was able to avoid bankruptcy and put my life back together piece by piece.

“I Can” Plan

This brings me to this morning. I went out jogging as the sun crept over the horizon. And streaming from my earbuds was a free YouTube session somebody uploaded from a program by Jim Rohn.

In it he talks about having an “I CAN” plan. Where you create what you CAN DO for your health, your wealth, your home, your family, your business, your finances, your social life, and more.

Sure, I want a better life in all those areas – What is my “I CAN” plan for today?

I Can Plan by Angela Brown Couple Running At Sunrise

Here’s What “I Can” Do Today

I CAN listen to this entire program (free and only 5 hours long) this weekend as I’m fixing meals, cleaning the house, folding laundry.) I CAN find one new idea from it that is radically different from what I am doing now.

Yes, I still want radically different results from my life and I CAN do radically different things. What’s your I CAN plan? (If you don’t have one yet, borrow mine, here’s the link: