Dear Collette, The Biggest Cleaning Challenge

Dear Collette, you challenged me with the biggest cleaning project ever. I’m responding with The New Tape. It’s a gift I made just for you.

It’s a series of affirmations that will replace the tape you’ve been playing in your head for the last 50 years. But it doesn’t come without a price. I need something from you. I need you to listen to it every day while you’re out walking. And I need you to contact me every day in the comments of this video until you get up to 60 minutes worth of walking in a single day.

All you have to do is walk and listen to the tape…and the most amazing thing will happen. Cleaning your house will become easy and effortless as The New Tape starts to manifest in your life. I’m here for you, I care, and I’ve got your back.

– Your friend, Angela Brown

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Dear Collette, Here is Your New Tape

Dear Collette, Sad Woman in BedDear Collette, here’s the new tape I promised you. Now, Collette wrote in to the show and she asked this question. “Dear, Angela Brown. I love your videos. Okay, I’ll get right to it. I suffer from MDD/anxiety all my life passed down from my dad, suicide, and his brother’s suicide, and my cousin, suicide. I have hereditary major depression disorder, I realized it about age nine, my first bout. I’m now 59. 30 years, years of therapy and medication for my chemical imbalance. Okay, with that said, I lost my job during COVID. I lost my husband from COVID and I lost my little baby scooter cat of 17 years during COVID. Everyone’s gone. Poof.

Now, as awful for a person as that is to bear, the MDD has kicked in like I’m worse than I’ve ever been before. So many tragedies at once. Under my therapist, I’ve tried everything and I currently have the worst depression in the worst possible way. With all my family lost in 2020, I’ve walked into the house alone. I fell into the bed and I’ve been there for a year and a half. Full disclosure, Ms. Angela. I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck, no self-care. None. My apartment looks like a huge explosion, trash three layers. Deep. I cannot see the floor and I have a tiny spot on the bed. It looks like a hoarder’s house but I don’t collect anything.

Its medical nickname is called major depressive disorder. Please, Angela. You’re always saying on your videos, please come to you no matter what question. Well, here’s the biggest cleaning project of your life. You knew one day it was going to get big. Well, you’re my last chance. If I don’t clean this entire apartment, I will be homeless. I have no support. Can you dig deep, Ms. Angela, and come up with a plan for me? Thank you.”

Reaching Out for Help Takes Courage

Dear Collette, Sad Woman SittingAll right, Collette. I want to stop for just a second and I want to commend you for reaching out. That took a lot of courage for you to stop what you’re doing and write me all of this. That took a lot of courage and a lot of energy. So thank you.

The second thing is I would like to honor the fact that you did reach out to me. I’m honored that you thought enough of what you’ve seen from our show to reach out to me for help.

Then the third thing that I want to pay attention to is that you are going to the doctor and the therapist and you’re getting the help that you need. So I applaud that as well. Now, this is a free YouTube channel and on this free YouTube channel, there’s only so much I can give you.

Depression Can Be Like a Broken TV

Dear Collette, TV Won't WorkBut I want to stop for just a second and imagine you moved into a new house and you love watching programs on your TV. So you have this beautiful new living room and you decide that you’re going to plug in your television. As you go to plug it in, nothing comes out. There’s no picture. There’s no sound. There are no movies. There’s nothing. You say, “Oh no, my TV is broken.”

So you save up your money and you go buy a new TV and then you bring it home so that you can enjoy these beautiful moments and documentaries and educational programming. You plug in the TV, and lo and behold, it’s broken as well. So you say, “Well, I guess I’m doomed. No TV for me. I’ll just sit down in the silence and be sad.”

Then one day you’re lamenting and you’re talking to a friend and the friend says, “Wait a second. I know a little bit about restructuring the outlets. It’s probably just the outlet.”

I Can Help You Fix Your TV

Dear Collette, Man Fixes OutletAll right. The reason that I bring this up is this. I’m going to be the electrician in this particular scenario that has experience restructuring some outlets, okay? I’m not a professional, but I have restructured some outlets and I can help you and maybe it works, maybe your TV works. All right.

What I need from you is you’re going to be the person that flips the breaker and plugs the television in. You’re going to connect to the energy source, okay? So what this is, I’m going to make you a gift and I need a gift from you in return. So, what this is I’m going to make you a tape and it is the new tape.

The new tape is just a series of ideas. Now, you asked for help cleaning, and this is going to be the biggest cleaning project of your life. But I don’t want you to actually focus on the cleaning for now.

Focus On Plugging in Your Energy Source

Dear Collette, Plug in OutletWhat I want you to focus on, if I read this correctly, you’re out of a job and you are desperate and you have nothing to lose. So what I’m going to ask you is that you plug in the energy source. In order to do that, you have to put on the walking shoes and you’ve got to get outside and I need you to go walking and I need you to listen to it while you walk.

I’m going to put it on a loop so that you can listen to it at night as you sleep. It will just play over and over and over and over again. If your first bout was at nine years old and you’re now 59 years old, we have 50 years of hoping the TV was going to work and no sound, no music, no joy is coming out, right?

So we are going to restructure that, but it’s going to take a little bit of time to restructure. So here’s what I need from you. Here’s your gift to me.

Walk Around the Block Every Hour

Dear Collette, Sneakers WalkingEvery hour on the hour, I want you to set your alarm and I want you to go outside and walk around the block as fast as you can. It’s going to be the equivalent of about 10 minutes. I need you to do it every hour on the hour. At first, you’re going to say, “Well, that’s just exhausting. Why would I do that?”

Well right now, if you’re not working and you’re at the house, you have nothing to lose. But if we don’t flip that breaker, it doesn’t matter how we restructure or rewire the electrical outlet. Still, nothing’s going to come through for your television and your best user experience.

So your job is to flip the breaker and to flip the breaker, we have to do something radically different to get radically different results. So if you go out every hour on the hour and your gift to me is I need you to contact me every single day until you get up to six walks a day.

I Have Used This Method to Dig Myself Out of Similar Situations

Dear Collette, Woman Walks Looks at PhoneNow, I will preface this by saying, I’ve dug myself using this same exact technique out of so many bouts of depression and menopause and frustration and post-traumatic stress disorder and a bunch of things that I personally have gone through in my own life. I’ve helped lots and lots of house cleaners using the same technique.

It’s absolutely free. It doesn’t cost you anything. No one has to know what you’re listening to. No one has to know that you’re doing it. But I promise you this, if you get out and you go for this six walks a day and you just listened to this tape, an amazing transformation will start to happen.

The Tape is Like Plugging Into a New Energy Source

Dear Collette, TV Plugged InIt will be like you plugging in the television to the new energy source when all of a sudden, now there’s all kinds of visual programming and lots of channels and there’s music and there’s funny stuff and they’re serious stuff and there’s educational stuff and there’s a bunch of stuff that will bring you joy. It will enhance the user experience, okay?

So what I’m promising you is if you have nothing to lose, please go on this journey with me and stay in touch with me every single day until you make it up to six walks in one day. That is every hour on the hour. If you miss an hour, you can try it again an hour later.

But the object is to get out six times in one day. So if you only make it four times in one day, you still have to contact me every single day until you make it up to six times.

I Want to Hear How You’re Doing in Your Process

Dear Collette, Woman Washes DishesSo if you go out and you do it six times today, you only have to contact me for one day. But I want to hear how you’re doing and I want to hear that you’ve plugged into the new energy source. Then when nobody’s looking, if you want, you can still listen to the tape over and over and over again.

Because like I say, we have 50 years. We need that energy surge, right? You can’t expect high octane results unless we get high octane energy coming back through. Right now, if you’re frustrated and you’re feeling like the energy source is not quite what you’re looking for, we can help rewire that or restructure that just a little bit differently.

I’m Super Excited That Collette Reached Out to Us

Dear Collette, Sad Woman by WindowOkay, I’m super excited that you, like I said, that you reached out to me and I’m super excited to hear your progress because this is what I do know, bad things may have happened in the past and I cannot change the past. I cannot change the future. I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know is that we can change right now, this exact moment right here right now.

As you start to reprogram with the new tape what’s going to happen is a lot of things will start falling into place almost unconsciously and almost without you even being aware that it’s happening.

You will start cleaning up your place. You will start changing things. Your hygiene and your habits, well, you said there’s no self-care, that’s all going to start changing almost without you even being aware.

We’re Going to Change Your User Experience

Dear Collette, Happy Woman with HeadphonesIt’s at an unconscious level where you plug into that energy source. It’s like you get a whole bunch of stuff back from that television user experience, right? So what we’re going to do is just change the user experience. That’s it. Then what comes through that is going to be amazing because you deserve the very best.

Now, I’m super excited for you. This is not the biggest cleanup project of my life. You are a gifted person. You’re talented. You’re blessed. I’m so glad that you’re here. I know that you have a mission to fulfill here. Otherwise, I would not be contacting me right now.

So I am super excited, but I do want you to stay in touch with me if you listen to this tape and I will leave links in the show notes so that you can listen to that on a regular basis.

Listen to the Tape as You Sleep

Dear Collette, Happy Woman Wakes UpLike I say, turn it on low, listen to it when you sleep at night. When you wake up in the morning, you’re going to pop out of bed like toast. You’re going to be full of energy. You’re going to be vivacious and I’ve got your back, okay? This is safe. It’s perfectly okay to listen to. It’s nothing weird is going to happen.

I’m just guiding you through a process of reconnecting to that energy source, okay? That’s all this is.

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